Thursday, October 24, 2002

endless delight

I went to G3 for lunch and ultimately decided to skip all the fancy schmancy restaurants and eat at KFC, my favorite chicken place.

As usual, I ordered an extra large gravy (since I practically treat it like a drink – yes, I love KFC gravy that much).

The counter girl asked me “Why?”

Me: Why? Because I like gravy.

Girl: But sir, our gravy is bottomless.

At that precise moment, I felt the earth swirl beneath my feet as the air exploded into pure incandescence. Could it be true? Did I hear her right? Did she say BOTTOMLESS gravy?

Girl: Yes sir.

Me: Ah… okay then. Make it so!

And so I spent my lunch hour at KFC trying to find the bottom of my gravy cup, utterly failing but being blessed anyway by the effort.

KFC, I love you.


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