Friday, October 04, 2002


I'm planning on staying home this weekend, declining the usual Friday or Saturday night dinner with friends, in favor of digging up some old games and entering the worlds that enthralled me years back. On my list, if they're to be found (because I really don't know if I still have them) are the Final Fantasy series and maybe Suikoden.

I feel very tired, wiped out by the events of this week.

Beware, Sephiroth!

I need to escape for a while.

walking in the rain

It boils down to attitude, really.

Caught by a sudden downpour without an umbrella, committed to walking home from the office, Nikki and I did what we usually do in such situations. We smiled and walked at a leisurely pace, heedless of the rain.

I mean, what was the point of running? Home was still some distance away and the erratic awnings of stores and shops along the way provided scant protection. And we were wet anyway.

We chose to smile and enjoy the rain – although after a while, the rain coursing down my face was not particularly fun.

I’m reminded of the really bad storm that struck our city while we lived in another condominium in the financial heart of Makati. In mere moments, floods arose and the waters reached knee height. Nikki and I decided to sludge through the murky rainwater en route home. Waves, created by passing cars, would crest and threaten to topple us over, and as we crossed the street we entered even deeper waters and were submerged up to our thighs.

What could we do but laugh?

The grim people around us must have thought we’d lost all our senses, but it felt liberating to just slosh a riparian path, oblivious to the threat of manholes or hidden road craters.

When we got home that time, we were completely drenched and immediately took showers (for fear of contracting some terrible disease). Our shoes took the longest to dry, ultimately spending time in the oven.

Since then, whenever we are trapped in the rain with no shelter in sight, we launch into a song and laugh like kids.


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