Thursday, October 10, 2002

fanboy confession - comics I buy regularly (3 of 5)
another from hell, another from fairy

Hellboy– There was a time (circa Mantlo’s “Alpha Flight” that I couldn’t stand Mike Mignola’s art. Then he did Hellboy and I was hooked. With equal parts fairy tale, evil undead Nazi and a flawed hero, Mignola creates a book that reeks with atmosphere and fine characterization. His moody art is uniquely his own; his use of shadows and style of paneling evokes nuances unseen in other books. His supporting characters, including a golem, a fishman and a ghost, are quite engaging. He is particularly compelling with his short stories, and most of the Hellboy corpus is availlable in TBP format. My only criticism is that he doesn’t do enough issues. A feature film is in the works. Currently playing: The Third Wish, where the impulses of revenge and redemption wage war. Written and illustrated by Mike Mignola and published infrequently by Dark Horse Comics.

Castle Waiting– Our predilection to fairy tales led Nikki and myself to this ongoing series by Linda Medley. Her tales are quiet and wise, gentle and humorous, involving a cast of castle-dwellers who have stories to tell. Her artwork is light on the eyes, but its her storytelling that earns her a place among the best in the field. Her dialogue rarely appears "written" and instead flows naturally. It's difficult not to be charmed. Check out, if you can, "The Curse of Brambley Hedge", for a taste of what she has to offer. You won't regret it. Currently playing: "Interiors", a return to the lives of the castle and its inhabitants. Written and illustrated by Linda Medley and published semi-monthly by Olio Press.


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