Friday, October 11, 2002

fanboy confession - comics I buy regularly (4 of 5)
allred and ellis

X-StatixAllred converted me to his worldview with his incredible “Madman” and the late lamented “Atomics”, both examples of comics that were a sheer pleasure to read. The attitude these books embodied was delight, a throwback to the Silver Age. With the relaunch of “X-Force”, Milligan and Allred recreated the indie flavor within mass market Marvel, carrying on in “X-Statix” the premise of superheroes as media stars. Allred’s art is like a splash of cold water, as if deconstructing the very notion of what superhero art should be in the very comic he’s illustrating with his seemingly simple renditions. Recently: Disillusionment rears its ugly claws and the splintered team must find its focus soon. By Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, published monthly by Marvel Comics.

PlanetaryWarren Ellis is a damn fine writer. With his run at “Stormwatch” and the first 12 issues of “The Authority”, he’s proven himself capable of literate stories that challenge his readers. With the rare issues of “Planetary”, he spins single provocative tales that are set against a larger text. He upturns conventions established in comics and retells classic tropes in a variety of ways, consistently creating fresh and innovative stories of startling depth. He makes writing seem effortless. Word is that this book returns to its monthly schedule next year. I can only hope. Two TPBs collecting the first year of the series are available. Written by Warren Ellis and published rarely by Wildstorm.


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