Sunday, October 20, 2002

the great exchange

Yesterday, Pat and his wife came over and we exchanged a ton of comic book TPBs. It was great seeing Pat’s face light up at the selections on my bookshelf, before he started taking tons of stuff home with him. We’ll return each other’s books when I get back from the US.

So what did I get to borrow? An eclectic mix, to be sure. Much I haven't read or read but didn't buy, a few I borrowed for old time's sake (re-reading something you like is akin to running into a long-lost friend and catching up on lost time):

nine volumes of Preacher by Ennis
Daredevil: Yellow
Grasscutter by Sakai
Fantastic Four 1234 by Morrison
Marvel Boy by Morrison
300 by Miller
Luther Arkwright by Talbot
Superman For All Seasons by Loeb & Sale
Strange Kisses by Ellis
Zero Girl by Keith
a pair of Black Panther trades by Priest
The Fourth Power by Jimenez
The oversized Superman & Batman books by Ross
Technopriests by Jodorowsky
Red Star by Gosset
Dr. & Quinch by Moore
Leave It To Chance by Robinson
three more Eagle volumes by Kawaguchi

Pat got stuff like Miracleman, Hellboy, and a lot of indie books plus much of work from my favorite authors list a few posts back.

Good reading for us both!

Also, while waiting for them at the nearby Starbucks, I bumped into Flim and his wife. We briefly chatted and he offered to lend me his entire collection of Doom Patrol (the Morrison run).

The ironic thing is that he credits me for turning him on to Doom Patrol, Miracleman, and the Moore and Gaiman type books many years back. And now that I’ve lost my collection twice over, he’s the one of the few people from whom I can borrow the kind of stuff I had but lost. Thanks, buddy. (We also talked about the filming schedule for the pair of films we’ll be doing. They just have to wait until our return.)

I feel like it's early Christmas.

You know, having friends you can borrow great reads from is truly a wonderful thing.


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