Friday, October 04, 2002


This morning I met with one of our company's lawyers to settle some corporate matters. Despite the fact that this guy was very pleasant, I could not help but feel defensive, wary of everything I said. I can't help it. The very presence of a lawyer implies "that something is wrong", that a professional has to step in to mediate over something terrible and such. After we met and agreed on a number of things, we had lunch together and he turned out to be a regular joe - laughing at stupid jokes, loyal to Ateneo's basketball team, enjoying good food... but still a lawyer.

brain dead

What an absurdly busy day. Apart from my morning/lunch meeting with the lawyer, I had to hold a staff meeting (telling them about the new changes and about the people who I've let go), several side meetings and 4 creative briefings for new projects. I called in Nikki to help out with a couple of the projects because the load was just too much. After all that, here I am, mentally exhausted without much of anything to say. Well, at the very least I will write about Survivor later, and then hopefully a little something more.


I received mail from my old friend Rickey, filling me in on what he's been up to the past four years. Check out his blog for interesting ruminations and bacon art.


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