Wednesday, October 09, 2002

liempo by the bay

After meeting with our new client in old Manila, Marc and I had late lunch at “Lapi: by Jun-Jun & Malou”, adjacent to Manila Bay. This is actually a branch of the famous eponymous restaurant in Cebu (in the Visayas region) and had the same menu items. “Lapi” specializes in grilled chicken and liempo (pork belly) served with the region’s special vinegar. It was spicy and sour and perfectly hit the spot.

Once in a while it feels good to just put aside any health concerns and just eat fatty food. As I grow older, I know that I should watch what I eat, but it just tastes so good. Whenever I have lean meat my taste buds get depressed, searching for the flavor of fatty food. As a result, I’ve grown heavier (though apparently still within the range, given my height). If only there was a way to eat anything you wanted without the consequences. It’s hard to resist temptation.

chorizo by night

Like last night, Nikki whipped up incredible chorizo (pork link sausages) that crumbled when you bit into them. Every last bit was tasted so good. With a side of scrambled eggs, it made for a fine dinner while we watched “Blue Submarine” or some such. Gah. If only healthy vegetables tasted like…pork.

But I was told by a doctor friend to cut down on all the bad stuff I indulge in – cigarettes, fatty foods, sweets – if I wanted to see my little girl grow up. In denial of a potential heart attack (or lung cancer), I replied that if was my time, it was my time. Regardless of my efforts. Which was persnickety, but what can a defensive pork-loving, chocoholic smoker do?


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