Wednesday, October 09, 2002

liquid discourse

I put my thought cap aside and went to give Sage her vitamins this morning. When she was smaller, the trick to get her to swallow the bitter-tasting medicine was to put the proper dosage in her mouth and then blow in her face. It seemed to trigger a reaction, making her swallow against her will.

This time it did not work. After the medicine was forced into her mouth, she held it there and looked at me with the eyes of someone betrayed, refusing to swallow despite the my exhalations. Then she started to cry, the sour vitamins trickling past her lips.

I took her into my arms, attempting to console her, when she decided that enough was enough and threw up the entire mouthful, not once but thrice, punishing me for my effrontery.

She’s okay now (I decided to go the convenient route and just mix it with her cereal) but the situation grounded my thoughts this morning.

You can think as deeply or as profoundly as you like about your work or your craft or your philosophical standpoints, but when your little girl vomits all over your office attire… you have to change.

Some things, you just have to roll with.


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