Sunday, October 06, 2002

object lust

Despite myself, Mike persuaded Nikki and I to join him, Jason and Marco at Chili's for a nightcap. While we were there, we bumped into Budjette and his nifty Nokia phone - the one that takes pictures. At that instant, I felt the stirrings of object lust. I asked him to take a picture of us, then jokingly told him to email it to me right then and there. And so he DID, after asking me to key in my email addy. I raised my eyebrows, but you what? When I got home and checked my email, the photo was there. The resolution is not the best, and it's dark (but the place was dark), but it was there. It's like the work of the devil. My God, I want this phone! The last time I felt object lust this bad was when I was smitten by the Sony VIAO laptop. I WANT THIS PHONE! Damn you, Budjette!

phone desire
question (12 of 100)

Q: Okay, a purely selfish question this time. Do I get the phone?

A: I WANT THIS PHONE! But... it costs north of P25k (US$500). Argh! Marco tried to hose down my ardent desire, telling me that it was still too clunky, being the first in the market, and that other smaller and slimmer phones would eventually surface. Yes, but I do so want it. I'm being irrational, I know. It's a huge expense though. Huge. But. I. Want. It. Gah.

I'm taking deeper breaths now. Okay, I won't get the phone. I'll get a digicam instead. Better decision right? Cheaper too.




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