Friday, October 04, 2002

great news – I’m gonna be published!

Pardon all the exclamation points that follow, okay? I’m thrilled beyond belief and I’m throwing any semblance of elegant, balanced writing out the door. I'm just damn proud to be a Filipino writer!

Nikki and I enjoy reading “The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror”, a yearly anthology series, making sure to buy the new one every year. One of the best stories I read from the latest volume (“Plenty” by Christopher Barzak) was first published in Strange Horizons. I was delighted to learn of the existence of quality online magazines that published well-written fiction, and decided to go for it. I felt I had nothing to lose but a little more pride.

So last August, I took a chance and submitted one of my stories, “L’Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)” to Strange Horizons, hoping against hope to be published.

Tonight, it was accepted for publication, scheduled for next February.

“L’Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)”, a story set in Hinirang (a reimagined Philippines during the Spanish Colonial period), tells of an impossible quest, and is my first international sale (yes, I will get paid for it, contract and all!). Previously, I had a number of stories published in Philippine publications such as the National Midweek, MOD Magazine and Stuff Magazine. But this – this takes the cake! I am so thankful to Jed Hartman, the Senior Fiction Editor who reviewed my work.

What a year so far, in terms of creative writing! First, “Isaw, atbp.” won the National Book Award (a group effort edited by Nikki, with a sestina by me). Next, more of my new fiction, set in Hinirang, (plus a lot more interesting stuff from my collaborators) will be available soon when my group’s secret project is completed. Then I’ll release the concluding issue of my comic book “The Lost” in December. And now this.

What a way to end an emotional rollercoaster of a week!

I am happy beyond belief! Bring it on, world!


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