Thursday, October 10, 2002


Well, so much for my good mood.

It’s happening again.

It’s with great anxiety that I follow the news about the sniper who’s going around killing people in Washington, DC. A high school barkada of mine lives there (and Dozer too!) and one of the horrid things about being a writer is an overactive imagination that generates unwanted scenarios.

Why do people do things like this?

The very senselessness infuriates me.

The cruelty appalls me.

And when I place myself in the position of those who’ve lost a loved one because this evil man, my heart cannot help but rage.

We live in a world that awards the Nobel Prize for Literature on one hand and helplessly witnesses unreasoning violence in the other.

Over here, kidnappings occur with sad frequency and our Lady President says she gets “plenty of sex”.

What’s going on?



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