Monday, October 21, 2002


Over a semi-relaxed lunched at "nina" (Dindo's Spanish tapas restaurant at The Podium), I realized how much work my poor beleaguered partners will have to handle while I'm away. Despite the fact that I'll be in touch with email (and thus still able to do some writing for the various projects), the entire weight of the nitty-gritty is on their shoulders.

To prove God has a killer sense of humor, we landed an annual report, a corporate newsletter, and a new set of speeches and articles. That, plus the current workload, plus the potential volume of new work from pitches in the air, make my leavetaking quite difficult. Sigh.

At least the food was fantastic as ever - paella, rosemary chicken, gambas, calamares and coffee afterwards (though the coffee did nothing to remove all the oil in my system - right now I'm kind of on a cholesterol overload).

More later.


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