Tuesday, October 22, 2002


fear of flying

With Sage, that is. And more properly, it’s anxiety of flying with Sage. As a new parent, this is one of the moments that I’ve been dreading and in a couple of days it will become a reality. Nikki and I have zero experience. Well, not really. We have been in flights with mewling babies and played the part of severely irritated passengers, muttering dire imprecations on the fools who dared bring their child on a flight. Of course, now the shoe is on the other foot.

So many things to think about.

Apparently, parents flying with infants cannot have the emergency exit seats for obvious reasons. This bit of information truly depressed me because I was counting on both the extra leg room and a little extra space to let her stand so she doesn’t feel too cramped.

My concern is that we’ll be seated in the back end of the plane with seats that do not recline. Must get to airport very very early to prevent that possibility.

So many questions too. Some seemingly sound stupid, but believe me, they’re all from the heart.

Where do we change her? On our seats? In the toilet?

What happens if she cries inconsolably?

What if she wants to crawl?

Are our supplies of water, formula, bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, blankies, toys, medicine, teething and rash ointments enough?

Is Northwest’s water distilled or boiled?

Why can’t she have a bassinet?

Do I stow the stroller overhead or surrender it to the flight attendant?

What if she throws up?

What about the pressure in her ears during take off and landing?

How will we eat?

Do I wear a suit like I always do when I fly long haul or just a t-shirt so I can swiftly change if I get messed on?

I know there are answers to all of this, hence I’m off to Babycenter to find them.

Fear, they name is flying with an infant. But I realize that fear can work both ways - I envision the eyes of our co-passengers at the departure lounge bargaining silently with God "Please, please don't let these people with the child sit next to me."


We're flying with Sage, the little cutie.


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