Saturday, October 05, 2002


Feeling like I’ve been stuck on an endless race track, I slept though most of the day today, my body finally claiming all the sleep I’ve avoided and all the naps I’ve declined in the past few weeks building up to the reality of my company, Pipeline Media, having to rationalize and refocus itself (hmm… even my normal blog writing is starting to read like a magic realist’s run-on opening sentence.)

It’s strange because I usually get by with so little sleep. Being a night owl, I usually stay up until 2 or 3 AM and then get up at around 7:30AM to the sound of my alarm clock to get ready for work (what happens though is that I play with Sage for a while after I’ve showered and dressed before walking to the office).

Friday nights would be spent in the company of my coterie (which turns out to be really a term for a literary group – I thought of it as just simply being a synonym for “barkada” or group of friends”) with dinner and conversation on the agenda. Saturday would see me putting stuff into order, doing some writing, getting stuff for the baby, the occasional lunch or dinner with friends or a movie with Nikki.

But this Saturday I just collapsed. I woke up at the usual early time and promptly fell asleep. Nikki and Sage went swimming at the pool on the penthouse but I was scarcely aware of this – except for the memory of seeing my little girl in her incandescent tankini. Nikki nudged me awake for a late lunch and I napped again, finally getting up late in the afternoon – with pretty much little to do around the condo. I didn’t even feel like searching for the Playstation like I planned to do.

Last week was truly an emotional time. Lots of decisions regarding the company were made and I had to let go some staff. The market conditions are rather depressing (so I was depressed) but then my partner pulled numbers and showed me our collectibles (accounts we had completed or were currently working on and thus ready to bill) and my heart froze when I realized that it was not as horrible as I thought. Then we had to prep up for the new campaigns we’re doing for our newly hard-won clients. And there’s the planning necessary for our upcoming trip on the 23rd - always stressful for me, more so now because Sage is flying with us. Topping it off was the great news of the magazine’s acceptance to publish my story – well, I think it was just too much drama for the short period of time in which it occurred.

So here I am, in an odd confessional mood (which is dangerous when you’re faced with a blank screen) and thinking about my life, my family, my career, my writing and my future.

I’m married to my best friend, am father to an incredible child, own my own business (doing something I like) and I write the occasional play or short fiction or comic book.

I have my ups and downs and the regular dose of entrepreneurial stress, but it’s a wonderful my life.

And I'm a happy puppy.


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