Thursday, October 24, 2002

various things

After a great day meeting with various clients, I finished with the last of my turnovers with Marc and left Pipeline in his more than capable hands. With the support of the entire staff, he's running the show while I'm away and I have absolute faith in his ability to see everything through.

We made the decision on which designer to hire and I think this new guy is an excellent choice, given his background and work experience. He'll bring a lot of new things into the mix and the company will benefit from him. I also hope to contribute to his growth as a professional by being a good boss and giving him opportunities to develop his skills.

Still, I won't be completely out of touch, thanks to technology, and I can still do some of my work remotely. I'm committed to a number of interesting writing projects that I will see through, if through a distance.

Our last day in Manila begins today and I need concentrate on stuff for the trip.

The good news is that Nikki got us a bassinet and bulkhead seating! This is simply wonderful!

Her dad, the General, will take us to airport at an ungodly hour, negating my extra stress about renting a car for the same purpose.

We met with friends for an informal send-off (despedida) dinner and ended up laughing a lot at the silliest of things.

More tomorrow. G'night.


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