Tuesday, November 12, 2002

the best alfar

The Alfar family drove to Belz and went wild shopping, thanks to the generosity of my Dad. We got Sage a lot of new things, including ensembles to die for. I tell you, I can't wait to dress up my daughter. Kawai! Nikki and I picked up a pair of shoes each (I got a pair of ass-whopping black Magnum boots) before hitting the clothes stores. IWe zeroed in on the Levi's store (wonder why?) and got jeans, slacks and jackets.

While Nikki and I were shopping, Papa took care of Sage, who was asleep. At one point in time, she woke up crying and he had to figure out how to comfort her, eliciting affectionate and understanding looks from other parents walking around.

pauline, dino and dylan

And at last, we were able to meet up with Pauline and Dino and their 1-year-old boy, Dylan. They came over to Papa's house and we talked about how strange it was to be sitting in another country with babies - when once upon a time we were all sexy (to which Pauline replied "We are sexy people with babies"). Pauline does marketing and Dino works for an NPO concerned with the protection of the wilderness of Nevada. Dylan charmed us by walking around - well, except Sage (oddly) who suddenly engaged in "Hey! That's MY toy!" mode). We had too much pizza and things were over much too soon, but it was great being able to reconnect with old friends.

I hope to be able to spend more time with these guys during our visit next year, when things are not so hectic. After all, Dino promised to take me to porn superstore!

Dino, Dylan and Pauline

leaving las vegas

We're taking a flight to Cincinnati and then to Buffalo, NY in a few hours time. I'm terrible saddened by the brevity of our stay in Las Vegas - I wish we had more time. But what I'm truly happy about is being able to see, embrace and talk to my father again. After all he's been through, I'm happy he was able to meet his first grandchild.

I personally do not believe in regret. In the context of my relationship with Papa, I like to think that all the things that happened occured to bring us to this very spot, as friends and as father & son with a limitless possibilities ahead of us.

So bye for now, Las Vegas. It's back to the cold of New York and then back to Manila - but we'll see you again.



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