Thursday, November 28, 2002


Spend almost the entire day with one of my favorite clients, presenting and defending studies for their company's annual report and other materials. We then had lunch at a new Cantonese restaurant (gah! can't remember the name!) near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. What a delight to find near-authentic siw you fan (suckling pig with rice) and ap fan (roasted duck with rice) plus the usual assorted dim sum. In addition, we had unbelievably crispy salt-and-pepper prawns, broccoli in oyster sauce and the unexpectedly refreshing carrot-apple shake (yum!). Service was fast and courteous, prices more than reasonable - I'm taking Nikki and my friends there when we're in the area. (I promise to try to remember the name and post it here.)

Then it was off to Roxas Blvd. to meet with CITEM, the trade and expositions people for an event we're helping out with in February next year. Think of a huge high-ceilinged hall, divide that into a maze of warrens, and you have their office. Odd things like an Egyptian-themed chair and peculiar posters leap out at you - shaking me from my sleepiness (stress+fatigue+good food = drowsy Dean).

Next door to the World Trade Center for the Taiwan Exposition. Sorry if I offend anyone, but something smelled nasty and gave me fits.

And finally crawling through rush hour traffic back to my office where I perked up to see Tony with the completely lettered and colored Ab Ovo! It looks great! The color separators will pick it up tomorrow then it's off to the printers by next week.

Last thing I need to do is to walk home through the Christmas crowd at Greenhills to my loving wife and lovely daughter.

Another day's work.


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