Friday, November 22, 2002


Jason led me to start creating a family tree for Sage at but I found the web latency irritating so I downloaded freeware called Great Family and started plugging away. I called up relatives left and right and ended up with a fascinating tree extending all directions (through marriage and consanguinal relationships) across the Pacific Ocean. So far, in terms of generations, I have six: Sage and her contemporaries, her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and great-great-great-grandparents (the formidable Tekla Brion of the 1800's).

Apart from suddenly acquiring knowledge about who's who (and believe me, if you undertake to construct something like this, you'll see that it will never truly end), it has put me in touch with relatives whose link always seemed fuzzy. So what highlights do I have? We have an ancestor who killed her husband, refusing to take his surname, and passed her family name down instead. People who married too young, people who died without issue, and Mr. Doce ("twelve" in Spanish) who decided to be true to his name and had twelve children (until his wife had an affair with a man named Domingo Sabado ("Sunday Saturday") and made the brood a baker's dozen.

I will be adding to the tree when I have opportunity and our first target is to add more on Nikki's side. Currently, we have 260 people. Incredible.

Suddenly, I want to know about everyone's birthday and if they had issues out of marriage!

looking for abs

Spent yesterday afternoon looking for someone with killer abs and ended up choosing someone with a great six-pack who also looks strikingly like my former boss, the Mayor of Taguig. Ah, the tricks of the eyes.


Despite our misgivings about it (published reports claim that, we got a new walker for Sage, and right now she's happily walking around backwards. Logically, it does seem easier to press against the soles of your feet, so I'll let the little girl get over that novelty by herself. This walker looks huge to me - I guess I must have seen more of the "lite" versions, just a thin circular ring with wheels (our model converts to a rocking chair, so there you go).


Finished Gaiman's Coraline (which, as a children's book is great fun, but as a Gaiman creation is short on wonder) and am reading Barker's Abarat guerrilla-style (I had forgotten about his penchant for illustrating his own stuff, and its truly god-awful on the most part).


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