Sunday, November 24, 2002


This is our first family day since we got back, just me, Nikki and Sage (Diovine has the day off) and it began at 6AM with my little girl awake and raring to play. Before lunch time, we decided to go swimming at the roofdeck pool, to take advantage of the healthier sun rays. Sage got into her little tankini and showed no fear of the water (despite the fact that I felt it was freezing). She also learned a little about cause and effect: splashing around may lead to water in your eyes.

I'm thinking of getting her some baby floaters for next time, though perhaps we'll swim in the afternoon when its warmer.

christmas is coming

And the neighborhood is has put up its festive decor. The streets of Greenhills have angels attached to every lampost, and at night their red, green, yellow and blue glow suffuse the area quite nicely. Of course this also means that it is madness to go to the shopping malls. Everyone and his sister is out shopping, looking for bargains and gifts, despite the fact that people are moaning about how bad the economy is - proving that there's always room for commercialism (if you're a cynic) or generosity (if you'rr good-hearted).

For Christmas this year, Nikki and I are excited about buying things for the condo so Sage can have a taste of the season inside the house (though with her propensity for putting everything in her mouth, it might actually turn out to be a literal taste of Christmas). We are scouting for the thinnest tree possible, since space is a premium where we live. What we will skip though are the P4,500 Christmas tree ornaments (yes, almost $100 each) that the ritzy folk are crazy about. I'd rather put something Sage can eat, like candy or popcorn. It's not only cheaper, it tastes better too.

I don't know whether or not I felt this year went quickly or not. So many things happened and yet in some instances it felt like time moved too slowly. Still, I am quite amazed that the year is almost over. What to do next year? Survive again. Live a little. Laugh some more. Enjoy my family. Grow the business. Publish some books.

Same old, yet in a completely new perspective.

While I worry about the political condition in my country (a horrendously corrupt senator announced his intention to run for President, as well as yet another action-star), indicators say that the market conditions look favorable. And for as long as things are okay (no killing in the streets, good business, stuff for family), I'm willing to work it out. If not, well, then Operation: Brave New World must come into play and it's hello to the US, Hong Kong or New Zealand.

where is the leader?

I hold on to the hope that somewhere out there is a Filipino leader who will stand up and lead the country to a better position, instilling discipline and imbuing us with hope for a better tomorrow.

Because he or she is certainly not visible among the mad rabble who intend to become President.

Is it outrageous optimism? No, it's more desperation.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.


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