Friday, November 22, 2002

so flawless, its scary

Just came back from a luncheon with one of our clients at the Casino Espanol (established in 1893 for the benefit of all the Spaniards in Manila), and spoke to Carmi Martin (she of the "Chicks to Chicks" fame). I remember how sexy and beautiful she was when I was young - and to my shock and delight she looks like she didn't age a day. Naturally, thoughts of plastic surgery crossed my mind (I mean, it's scary) but I guess she just lives well. Still beautiful. We didn't get to talk too much of course, given the circumstances, but I wish I brought my camera.


Got back in time to take extra shots of our three models, all navel shots. I was even able to instruct the girls to press against each other - too bad one of them is my sister! Hahaha!

Seriously though, I'm thinking of taking classes, even just to understand how things like lighting works.


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