Monday, January 27, 2003


Jason Banico (words) and Honel Ibardolaza (art) team up to present a Hinirang themed contribution for Ab Ovo #2. Bagani is tale of loss and epiphany told briefly but with much heart.

Jason, of course, is the author of Baylans, which will appear in its reinvented form and format (kudos to Marco Dimanno for his writing); he also spearheaded the development of TXTMen (written by Nikki Alfar), which I hear will hit the stacks by next week! Honel is quite a find - I'm utterly charmed by his line style, which is evocative of old school Filipino masters.


I guess it had to happen sooner or later, but it still broke my heart.

Sage fell over while trying out some new configuration with her arms and legs and struck her head. She wailed like there was no tomorrow, but was soon soothed by Nikki.

Now she has a bad bruise/welt/boo-boo on her forehead.

I know that this is just the start and she'll definitely get hurt more often as she learns to run, push and pull things all over the place, but still...

And tonight, she bumped her head again in her excitement while wearing her new shoes.


How odd it is to be a parent, to feel so protective. If I could spare her all the pain, I would - except that I know that its all necessary, all part of growing up.

But still...


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