Thursday, January 16, 2003

look who's going swimming

What can I say? Sage loves the water and looks pretty spiffy in her day-glo swimsuit.

She and her yaya Diovine go up to soak in the jacuzzi every odd afternoon before hitting the pool. Of course, I had to deal with all my fear of my little girl drowning and all that, but I'm glad she's into physical activity (unlike her father who was simply wretched at everything sporty when he was a child).

Whatever place we move to has to have a safe swimming pool, so she can continue to enjoy the water.

I'm thinking of soon buying her some pool stuff. You know, beach ball, floaters, inflatables and more sunblock (her nuclear-radiation SPF thing is running out).

Boy, does this mean that in a couple of years I'll be planning beach vacations? Gah. I utterly loathe those kind of trips.

Sage also paid a visit to her pediatrician for her regular checkup, and she's well within the defined proper ranges of height and weight. She dropped by Comicquest on her way home and was fussed over by her padrino Dino Yu and by Cams and Carl. She showed off by walking around and did not freak out when she saw Dino (who gave her an unexpected fright the last time he visited us at home).

Ay naku, ang bilis lumaki ng anak ko.


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