Thursday, January 30, 2003

mind fog

I just had to take a break today and just...write. Over the past couple of days, work has been piling up and much of it requires actual creative thought and cross-discipline skills.

This is not so bad under normal circumstances, but the quality of work has to be...inspired. So I needed to take a couple of steps back.

When I get too tired or unable to focus, my mind wanders and I am left starting at my pile of work-to-be-done "yesterday". Nothing comes in, and language has left me with only the most rudimentary of vocabulary words, like "nice". Therefore, it becomes impossible to think of a hook, angle or theme, headlines or taglines, copy or outlines, design or font rationale, master campaign plan, web wireframes or information architecture, or anything that remotely makes sense.

My brain feels limp and riddled with holes, cigarette smoke rising through the vents.

Not even thoughts of Diana Zubiri conducting an interview in bed make a dent in the deep fog.

There are campaigns to be won - so back into the breach for me.


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