Friday, January 31, 2003


Spent some time with Vin and I was thoroughly enchanted by how he described his upcoming Hinirang story, The Humbling Forest. It sounded like the kind of story I'd fall for - hook, line and sinker. He's also working to finish his Tsino story set in Lújìng Béishú, which hopefully we'll all see soon. In return, I told him about the new Katao story I'm thinking of, Tahip Na Bigas (Winnowed Rice), which will have something like 12 characters, majority of whom are Katao heroes, along with two Ispancialo charlatans. I haven't scheduled time to write it yet, but we'll see (the poor Eternautas and my Tiq'barang detective are starting to demand quality time).

Vin also got me some hopia (munggo and baboy) for the Chinese New Year tonight. It is customary to have something round, to bring good luck and properity. We checked out our Chinese horoscopes for the year and I felt relieved to see that several fortunate signs had decided to dwell under my sign this year (however, the Robber Star is also there, so I need to be wary).

Hmmm. Could all these named stars be the same as the system used in Suikoden? Bears looking into.


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