Thursday, January 16, 2003

work stuff

What a busy week.

I remember saying that its preferable to have too much work rather than none at all. At the least the problem would be in allocating resources, right? Well, now that nice situation is a reality, and I'm having a blast making sure that the quality of our work remains consistently good on everything we're doing.

Today, we met up with our apparel client (one of my favorite accounts) to touch base on the campaign. They were very pleased with the results of the digital campaign, website, Ab Ovo and Stroke materials that we created - and have requested to up the page count of the comic book. This was wonderful news to me, and the extra labor involved is truly not work at all - work is not work when I'm enjoying myself and being creative (and as I said, I really like this client). So we're going forward with the formal launch phase of campaign, adding to the site, and releasing the 2nd issues of Ab Ovo and Stroke next month.

I also met up with the CEO of our large tech client, who, at 41, is one of the most interesting people I've met. Pipeline enjoys creating stuff for all 6 companies under his control, and our slate is never without a project from them. I believe in investing our materials with the spirit of the people who actually run the company. Theirs is the motive force that propels the company in a specific direction. It is what gives the company character, personality and color.

This afternoon, I met up with the GM of a large corporation that owns real estate, buildings and malls. We were invited to pitch for the rebranding of the entire mall, which is certainly no mean feat. I appreciate the trust they have in us (I keep getting surprised when I find out that word-of-mouth about Pipeline has been tremendously positive - not because I do not feel we deserve it, but because I have issues with accepting praise). We have a week to come up with a presentation and the stress is quite invigorating.

In addition, we have all the annual reports, corporate identities, digital design, marketing materials and other things already on our plate, plus the new events company, Pipeworks, that we've set up.

I hired a new designer (who, curiously, has the exact name as an ex-President's showbiz daughter - which made us all smile) to help with the load, and need to talk to a number of others on an outsource basis. What makes this possible is the implicit trust I have in my team, especially my Creative Director, to maintain quality.

Stress, after all, is nothing new.

Give me more situations like this!


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