Tuesday, February 18, 2003

review: daredevil

Okay, so with Pipeworx as one of the sponsors of the advanced screening of Daredevil, my staff and friends and I packed ourselves into the shockingly crowded theater and watched the film last night.

Carl (seated next to me): Can I ask you a favor?

Me: Sure.

Carl: Can you restrain yourself if the movie turns out bad?

Me: Just tell me if my hurling popcorn at the screen bugs you.

Did I hurl things at the screen? Well, by the end of the torture I was so drained I could barely lift the empty popcorn container.

It reminded me of fresh dog crap gleaming in the rain. It was slick and shiny but still shit.

I was irked by the script, the acting, the editing, the lighting, the music (oh, spare us the creepy hymnals), pretty much everything. And I say this not even as a sometime-fan of the comic book (because the difference between the established mythos and the movie is not relevant to the review).

The writing and editing truly deserve shout outs for their pathetic attempts at manipulation. What is it with films of this genre, anyway? Where is the invention, the subtleness, the texture, the respect for the viewer?

It was a big mess of crap - and I can say that with my so-called "critic's hat" on AND off. God save us from movies like this. Before the halfway point I wanted to go home but was trapped in the center of the row of seats.

Like One Hour Photo, it was a waste of life.

So, to complete the barkada review spectrum: Jason loved it, Marco is in the middle, I call it shit.

Final Rating:

Daredevil - ** (of 10)


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