Friday, February 14, 2003

sage turns one!

Oh my god.

My little girl turns one today.

I can't believe it.

Soon she'll want to run away with someone and break my heart.

This morning, Nikki and I gave Sage a gift (we got her several, to give at different times today and tomorrow, when during her party).

She played with the giftwrapping until her excited mother and father tore it up for her, exposing her new draggy toy - which she played with for a while before opting to terrorize me by pushing my Magic card boxes around.

She is such a darling. Look at this picture of her. She's sitting on this little chair I bought for her when I was shopping with her Ninong Vin. See how her legs dangle a quarter of an inch from the floor? Oh, and she's calling me on her cell phone.

We're so excited about tomorrow and I had to restrain Nikki from showing Sage her birthday cake and giving her all the gifts.

We love this little girl so much that I have a stupid smile even as I write this; even as I went to my farflung pulp client this morning (and got two deals, by the way - yay!); even as I inched through the traffic.

to my favorite wife

That's you, Nikki. Now and always.

Happy Valentine's.


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