Monday, February 17, 2003

weekend in review

All brief due to time constraints. Will write more during the week.

loving friends

Instead of going though packed restaurants, Vin, Carl, Jason, Cams, Nikki and I had potluck dinner at Megaplaza. We missed our other friends (one of whom was galavanting shirtless and intoxicated in Boracay) but raised a glass to love and friendship - before gorging ourselves on pasta and chicken.

Afterwards, we tried a new game about someone's stolen pants.

sage's party

With nearly 30 people in our new place, you'd think that we'd be squashed like sardines, but everyone fit wonderfully. We served pancit palabok, tempura, barbeque, japanese rice, fruit salad and a lot of soft drinks to the crowd that included immediate family members. Sage was very sociable - she walked around looking at everyone then come back to Nikki or myself to see if we had abandoned her, then move around again. Later in the day, exhausted, she ignored her guests and crawled into bed to sleep.

I was worried about the emptiness of our new place (we need more furniture) but it turned out that what we had was sufficient.


Nikki requested that I run a game so we rounded up Vin and Carl and started of with the introductions of their characters, in a world with echoes of the BPRD of Hellboy. Carl, in particular, had an emotionally wrenching time playing a housewife who develops uncontrollable empathy.

Someday, we'll play again and get the show on the road.


Nikki and I celebrated Valentine's holding hands and walking around the Galleria. I got her a rose and we had dinner at Mario's - salad, gambas, lengua and thou.


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