Monday, March 17, 2003

hear me, mortals, and tremble before the might of Doctor E!

Needing a laugh this morning, I went over here and checked out what my superhero name would be.

I am Doctor E. (I know, sounds like something I'd probably be. Mysterious mastermind with nary a superpunch. But I do sound related to Entertainment Television, sheesh!)

Nikki is Doctor Mayhem. (She sounds so much cooler than me. She sounds like she's a criminal mastermind with some gizmo and can probably throw a punch - and probably has a funky headdress. I want funky headgear.)

So I inputed my other Saturday group friends' names. Who's who on the superteam? Read on:

Carl = The Mecha Witch (I love it! Magic plus tech)
Camille = Molecule Girl (wow!)
Jason = Captain E (maybe Jason and I are part of the same subteam since we both have "e")
Vin = Black Baby (ahh, this is just too delicious for words)
Noel = Mega Warrior (at last, someone who throws a punch)
Marco = Commander X (sounds like the leader of the team)

Of course, once in a while, we are joined on important earthshaking missions by Doctor Danger and Captain Justice (Arnold and Cynthia). Whoa, they sound serious.

On rare occassions, Black Baby brings his sidekick The Yellow Phantom (Ralph).


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