Saturday, April 19, 2003

the best part of coming home

Fun is fun, but when you're a parent, you cannot wait to get home.

Sage has been amazing. She has a new arms a-kimbo pose that gets me laughing, and she's taken to wearing my shorts as a veil, in the manner of old church-going women.

Nikki and I got her a new head/bandanna thing for Easter and we hope she'll like it.

Last night with our friends, this question popped up: If you found out that your child was completely void of talent, would you give your own talents up so she can have it/them (of course you need to asume that such transferrance is possible). Once you give up her talent/s, you can never write/draw/create ever again.

You know what? Nikki and I would.

The only depressing thing is this ongoing epiphany that one day when she is all grown up, our importance to her will diminish in favor of someone else. But that is the way of things, right?

Maybe so, and I may be a fool for feeling melancholic for something in the distant but inevitable future, but this is the little girl that showed me that measure of love in heart was nowhere as small as I imagined. Or as big.


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