Friday, April 18, 2003

holy decadence

Vin swung over and picked Nikki and myself up and we checked in a nearby hotel to treat ourselves to a little R&R. The rest of humanity was at the provinces and we created our own escape. Carl and Flim joined us and we had a blast with another long-winded exchange of philosophical ideas about the nature of private worlds (and how these constructs ultimately keep us alive), which led to a sudden wonderful idea about a new comic book involving all of us. It is still at the idea stage, but all I can say is that its going to big - assuming I get the cost under control. We spoke about writing and film and how these were so ingrained in our lives.

Jason and Cams arrived with more food and we all hied over to the pools, both indoor, and one hotter than the other. The boys went to the sauna for some sweaty male bonding before we all trooped back to the suite to start cooking. Lots of great conversations, cigarettes and chow later, we started gaming, picking up on the last storyline I created.

The thing about the kind of games of I run is that the rules are the last thing on my mind - story is king. And together we told a heartbreaking tale of surprising depth with tears and laughter coming and going, leaving a resonance of things to consider.

Finally, at the oddest morning hour, Nikki and I returned home to crash. Today, we plan to visit our friends again and continue the conversations.


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