Tuesday, April 15, 2003

the house of windowless rooms

Well, not really. But the title of Carey's early Lucifer storyline is apropos to the situation in our condo unit when summer struck with oppressive heat.

In the two bedrooms, large portions of the walls facing outward are ceiling-to-floor glass. Which look great, of course. Except that the rationale was that the tenant would live in air-conditioned glory 24/7 - which we cannot afford to do, especially with summer in full force, causing a heart-stopping spike in our electric bill.

These beautiful windows can only be opened a little bit and only in a certain place, making for the occassional breeze. But with the general mugginess, it is not enough (unlike our old place with the two balconies).

So we're planning to redo the windows and hope that the cost is not prohibitive. We also need to consider the rainy season in the latter months (I remember, in another condo unit we lived in with huge glass windows, at the height of one of Manila's typhoon's, how the glass shook and rattled and how we feared it would all come crashing smashing breaking cutting).

And of course, Sage should not be able to fall down 36 stories. Even if she tried her best.


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