Monday, April 21, 2003

urbi et orbi

Naturally it takes me forever to fall asleep so I wake up feeling like Gavroche in Les Miz, except that I didn't feel like breaking into song. Poor Sage (wearing her Easter headdress thingie and looking so adorable) didn't want me to go, giving me the teary-eyed waif tactic. Broke my heart to flee from my daughter's embrace.

Downstairs the ciggie place had no ciggies, which is tantamount to telling me that all breathable atmosphere in the ecopshere has just vanished. Apparently, the other post-Easter smokers needed their fix too. Reeling in dismay, I do a quick scrouge around the block and find my cancer sticks, fighting another man for the right of first puchase. I cruelly bought the entire stock, depriving the nasty-looking man of his nicotine. Why? Because he jostled me. And the venal vendor did not help matters when she asked if I wanted to buy her entire stock of 4 packs.

Everyone wanted a cab but I had none of that crap and switched to New Yorker mode since I wanted to get to my office on time. En route, I made a phone call to follow up collection for professional fees and got a run-around. The person on the other line insisted that he had promised to turn over payment by the end of the month, which is certainly what not I recall. Gah. I really abominate collection and will do my utmost to delegate that responsibility. Its just that I don't see why I can't make the phone call myself.

At the office, I learn that my office manager is in the hospital. The phone rings and I find out that my other big project has been delayed a week (and a week's delay means a three weeks delayed payment), but something I thought was inactive is suddenly active. Our other projects seem to be on schedule - though that can change at any moment.

And here I am back in the stressful mode of running the show and making sure we do our jobs well - and get remuneration.

On the lighter side, it seems my staff had great fun in their various escapades. Someone dated Miko Immonen, someone went to La Union and Baguio City, someone devoted their entire week to God.

Me? I'm just glad to be busy again.


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