Tuesday, May 06, 2003

darna of tomorrow

Yes, here's the heroine of tomorrow, during her secret origin sequence.

Everyone starts out young, right?

Now that we have the headdress, all we need is the rest of the costume and a power stone from elsewhere.

girl power

Speaking of Darna, Mango Comics will be releasing their Sneak Peek ashcan today.

This sampler was supposed to be part of Free Comics Day, but you know how production can screw schedules up - better late than never.

Majority of Sneak Peek features work from women creators - all of which can be seen in four color glory sometime in June. Mango Comics has teamed-up established women writers (fictionists, columnists, editors and poets) with women manga illustrators and the results provide an interesting range of concepts.

Nikki Alfar (The Lost, Ab Ovo, Snow As Blood, TXTMen) and Porcellus serve up Weird Sisters, a supernatural mystery-adventure with a dash of teen drama. I'm giddily proud of Nikki, of course. I like her concept - and all husbands should support their wives' endeavors, especially when it is as promising as this one.

Cyan Abad-Jugo (Father and Daughter: The Figures of Our Speech) and Laika's The Pencilcase Pixies' concept should be evident from the title alone.

Karen Kunawicz (On The Verge) and Mynne Sunrise is the creative team of Kali - a story about a young girl martial artist guided by the spirit of her dead grandmother (of course!).

Kristine Fonacier (MTV INK Editor-in-Chief and PULP music editor ) and Kitsuneko have put together The Arte Club (pronounced "ar-te") about a group of popular kids hurled into another dimension.

In an industry that is male-dominated, it is refreshing to see more work from our better halves.

(Ha! Bonus points for me from the wife then.)


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