Monday, May 05, 2003


Here's some of the stuff I'm working on strip-wise.

I was actually drawing over lunch with a client at a Vietnamese resto - she asked "Oh, so Nikki is pregnant again?"

To which I shook my head "Um, no. It's just a comic."

"Oh," she said smiling, "But I thought you were writing about your life."

"Sometimes, I do. And well, this is part of my life. Before Sage was born."

"It doesn't look funny," she observed, reading upside-down.

"I'm not sure it is." I said, wishing I had an eraser.

But I do remember how I found out my firstborn was on her way.

I was playing Baldur's Gate in our Hong Kong flat and Jaheira the Elven Druid was giving me a severe case of "burn the bitch".

"Husband, we have to talk," Nikki said, standing next to me.

And the rest is.. well, the rest of the story.


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