Friday, May 02, 2003


I took my entire nuclear family (Nikki, Sage, Diovine and Len) out to the Galleria for some grocery shopping.

Sage, in her oh-so-adorable summer dress, insisted on walking around the mall in her new shoes. It was amazing because she did her best to keep up with the adults while trying to see everything that could be seen, at the same time.

We had merienda at Dunkin Donuts where Nikki told her how to use a straw through action and words. Her first try saw the grape juice climb halfaway up the straw. Her second was an immediate success and a big surprise for her. She then proceeded to try to drink everything using the straw. Incredible, I tell you.

So of course we got her a new straw-topped glass as a reward for her new thing.

All these little things that she does melt my heart - the spinning, the attempted singing, the bouncy-bouncing, the listening to music.

But really, the day I'm longing for is when I can have a conversation with her.

I want to know what she thinks about everything.


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