Monday, May 12, 2003

fighting for power

Very early this power, we lost power in the condo and were immediately subjected to the unbearable heat. A quick check on the fuse box proved that it wasn't anything to do with that. With two guards, I checked on the Meralco meter and sure enough, by thumping the thing, we got power back. And lost it again. Something was wrong with the wiring, so we jury-rigged a harness to keep the meter in place. Which worked for until later this morning before everything went off again. During the time I fiddled with the meter, I noticed that the entire mechanism was warm - so I told the Meralco guys later that I was concerned the wires had burnt out. The last thing I wanted was a fire.

We made arrangements to fix the problem around lunch time and I left the cool air-conditioned comfort of my office (half our numbers were decimated by various illnesses) and returned home to see Sage in a restaurant downstairs, buying lunch with her yayas. We lost power again.

Upstairs, Meralco finally removed the meter and exposed a completely burnt-out wire, melted plastic and scorched metal. Indeed, a few more hours and I'd be homeless. An argument broke out between Meralco and my building maintenance crew as to who was responsible. I intervened and focused the matter on what could be done soon - after all, apart from the horrible inconvenience of melting food in a powerless fridge, the live satellite feed of Survivor: The Amazon's Announcement and Reunion show was already happening.

I watched amazed as the pair of electricians quickly pulled out wiring from somewhere and reapplied power to our home, refusing payment, just happy with a glass of water.

And so we have electricity again and I can rest knowing my daughter won't wake up utterly dehydrated.

survivor: the amazon winner

Spoiler alert and all that, so go away if you don't want to know.

Survivor addicts that Nikki and I are, we were completely caught off-guard by the revelation that 21year-old, ditzy, spoiled brat, swimsuit model Jenna won the contest with 6 of 7 votes.

Amazing. I haven't had this much Suvivor fun since Africa.


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