Sunday, May 25, 2003

sage and the rain

This morning, while sage was playing in our bedroom, it started to rain hard. Now we have a huge window in our room, it's width the span of my outstretched arms, and taller than I am in terms of height.

"Sage," I told my daughter. "Look! It's raining."

She looked up from her movable book and her eyes widened. She suddenly began talking excitedly in her inscutable jargon, picking herself up and rushing to the window.

"Yes," I said. "That's rain. See how it's falling from the sky? Kind of like a really big bathroom shower."

But she was beyond my reach at that point, mesmerized by the drops that swirled in front of her face, pressed against the glass. At that moment, I realized what the sense of wonder was all about and shut up, enjoying the magic of falling rain with my daughter.

It was as if it was raining only for her and for me.


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