Sunday, May 25, 2003

talking about hate

The stragglers of the party ended up at the Ortigas Starbucks and, as is our wont, we ended up knee-deep in another horrendously complex discussion - this time about hate.

One of the ultimate questions Vin asked was why it was easier to hate?

Because, generally speaking, love entails a commitment, it requires that you show, display or act upon your love for the other.

Hate, on the other hate, does not require a course of action. You can decide to hate someone to whatever degree and do nothing outside the confines of your vivid imagination.

Loving is harder, because often you need to go beyond the feeling, notion and circumstances of love and into the nitty-gritty of daily living while loving someone. So what is beyond love? Duty? Responsiblity? Commitment? Nothing? Everything?

We posited many scenarios and combinations involving love and hate, marriage and responsiblity, children and personal happiness in an effort to come to terms with another aspect of the human condition that has influence on us as creators of art and fiction - at least until a sudden downpour pronounced an unexpected denouement to our conversation.


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