Friday, May 16, 2003

weekend tpb reading

Herobear and the Kid (Kunkel ), Visitations (Scott Morse), X-Men: Riot at Xavier's (Morrison) - all look fun.

I was also delighted to find a near pristine copy of the first Grendel graphic novel (Wagner) from defunct publisher Comico, and the Breakthrough anthology from the time of the Berlin Wall's fall (with Bilal, Gaiman, Prado and many other creators from Europe).

There are still a lot of things I want to have, to read and own, but given their cost I have to be more selective. For example, I found all these Chinese comics in collected editions (translated, of course) with incredible line art and action moves like "Light of a Thousand Buddhas!" and all that. Each one though costs around $15 and I'd have to buy ALL of them. But I'm not that tempted. If it were the famous Manhua titles Blood Sword or Blood Sword Dynasty though...


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