Wednesday, May 14, 2003

who's out?

On my way home, I heard over the cab's radio the tail end of a news report saying that one of the Viva Hot Babes had left the fold.

Taken purely on its own, it's earthshaking news to me and their legion of fans (in reality, of course, it's nothing at all beside the horror of the new bombing in Mindanao and the continued spread of SARS - but there is a proper venue for those things).

So who left? I honestly don't know (yet). But most likely it is to pursue a solo career, such as it is.

When you're young and slutty, it takes great presence of mind to realize that your days are truly numbered and that you need to grab whatever opportunies you have.

After all, bodies get old, fans get jaded, someone younger comes along and you become an unremarkable footnote in the scheme of things.

Strike while you're hot. Make noise. Before all that is left of you are the glossy spreads and digital shots that captured your improbable appeal, fodder for fantasy.


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