Saturday, June 28, 2003

eat drink man woman

Marc and I took our Pipe staff to our final get-together last night at Kublai's, an eat-all-you-can Mongolian grill at the Podium (ugh, there's that silly name again).

I was delighted when Noel and Via managed to join us (they're off to Italy for advanced design studies), as well as Jolet, who was torn away from our mutually beloved Amazing Race, plus my sister Maureen (who's now both teacher and tutor), Cams and the rest of the chain gang.

I had a hell of a time getting to the venue because I forgot to make a reservation, but it all worked out in the end.

Farewells are always painful, but I'm glad to know that everyone has plans and things never truly end, they just change.


With the comics gang later, we got to talking about homage.

Marco brought up the interesting fact that a group of preteen kids, enraptured by Raiders of the Lost Ark, took six years of their lives and redid the film, shot for shot. Spielberg was impressed, and the world applauds.

If it worked for film, can this form of homage (the spirit being redoing something exactly in the same manner, in the same medium) be done in other media?

We had a field day racking our brains over coffee.

For film, obviously, yes - if you permit the age of innocence defense. Because it ceases to be charming when, instead of a group of kids with a digicam playing all the parts, you have, instead, a group of forty year-old men. At a certain point, questions of propriety, intellectual property and whatnot come rushing in.

It's even more absurd for the novel or short story. What, do you plan on writing the same piece of prose, word for word? Is it homage if you hand-write it? Of course not. And it becomes truly Dadaist when you consider poetry. Just how do you pay homage to a haiku or a sestina without involving other media or another discipline (paraphrasing debases, while translation is another thing altogether).

But it does work where performance and interpretation is part and parcel of the equation - hence, plays and their ilk.

Amusing, no?


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