Monday, June 16, 2003

friday's entries

Yes, the return of my internet service at home turned out to be a pipe dream, so once again I'm disconnected. I've just about had it with these fuckers.

size matters

It does. It really does, especially when a client sends something via email to the tune of 5.2M. It caused my computer at work to spiral into ruin. I'm at that point where I just want to hurl the entire machine out the window. Instead, I took a long walk out of the office and didn't look back.

Somewhere in the ether, the rest of my mail waits or floats or is lost forever.

I don't even know what my schedule is today. Feh.


Nikki has a new Hinirang story, Ladron y Tulisan (Thief & Thief), which should be available shortly. It's a well-written romp with interesting characters - especially the Tiq'barang one.

I'm happy to see a new Hinirang story, since this project, which seemed so important to the group, has fallen down the wayside. This is one of the things that irks me about people on the whole - to commit to something and then fail to persevere - functioning like a very young baby whose attention is quickly diverted by other things. This situation makes me question the entire concept of group collaboration. In essence, it just solidifies my belief that it is better to work alone or not at all. Why bother to start something when no one will continue? Perhaps it is better to just shut the thing down so everyone can just do as they will. It's like a mockery of love relationship - just get a divorce and move on.

I'm hoping to see well-written stories as part of the group workshop's final exercise for the foundation phase. Everyone was given over 5 weeks to complete it (by the way, El and Alex and the others who want to do the sequence of exercises, write me so I can send you instructions) and no other vignettes or criqitues were composed or given during that time. The deadline is this Friday, the 20th. The stated goal of the workshop was to help everyone improve their writing skills - and part of that is observing deadlines.

I've begun to script the new project I'm working on with Jason. To emphasize the magic realist sensibilities of Hinirang, I'm writing part of it in flashback. If I block off a couple of days this week, I should get the entire 96-pager done. Or so I believe. I must get rid of all this negative energy though. It tastes like bile.


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