Monday, June 09, 2003

look beyond the immediate

After dinner at North Park, the gang (along with Flim, somehow wrenched from the chains of editing those woeful women) went to have ice cream at the Manila Peninsula.

I don't know. I just had a sudden craving for ice cream. And not just any ice cream, mind you. No, it had to be the gigantic bowl of ice cream at the Pen (which, in my flawed memory, had something like 17 scoops, lots of chocolate syrup, nuts, berries and a ton of other good stuff).

A long time ago, I'd go with other friends and just chow down on the ice cream bowl, one of the Pen's best-kept secrets.

Apparently, the secret is out, because now, the bowl is smaller and twice as expensive. It was so distressing that we all opted to have something else while chatting in the lobby.

Flim being present, film was one of the hot topics (everything from him trying to persuade me that he had more than one Alec Guiness mimic voice to Kate Moss being robbed of an Oscar nod for her image-breaking role as Gollum in LOTR: The Two Towers).

Everyone is coming along nicely with whatever it is they're doing. Really, as collaborators and as individuals we have so much shit coming out soon - documentaries, short films, graphic novels, comic mini-series, softcover illustrated fiction, manga magazine anthologies, online comics and fiction.

I just wish we were more focused and coordinated.

There is nothing wrong with doing a lot of different things, but there is undeniable power in doing a lot of coordinated different things, to be able to look beyond the immediate future and plan efforts on a long-term basis - things that will benefit our industry as a whole. I don't know. Just spinning wool.


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