Sunday, July 20, 2003

falling asleep on friday night

I was just so zoned out this weekend. But I really wanted to see the other guys because it was a particularly eventful week for most of us (and if you know how much our lives crisscross creatively, you'd know how the success of one is the success of the others).

There was reason to be happy - a confluence like this occurs with the same timing as a grand alignment of planets.

The problem, however, was that I was falling asleep in the restaurant.

Geez, just like an old man.

We ended early and I finally got my much-needed rest.

belting it out on saturday

Yes, we went to Music21 and sang our hearts out.

I channeled Martin Nievera for most of the early morning hours and collapsed in bed exhausted - but happy.

Earlier that day, Nikki and I took Sage out for our usual family meal outside the condo. I tell you, this little girl is amazing. She has no fear of the escalator and insists that she step on and off it.


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