Friday, July 18, 2003

mother lily and sexy girls

Since Carl has let the cat out of the bag…

Discussing financials and percentages with Mother Lily of Regal Films was a surreal experience. I was there in my equally surreal capacity as Carl’s manager.

Let me just say that that bit I wrote about impossible circumstances and impossible decisions is true.

(Adding to the dadaesque nature of the proceedings was meeting potential First Lady Susan Roces for the first time. Now that is a lady who has maintained her serene beauty all these years. And such a pleasant and well-spoken person too.)

Regal Films was awarded the film rights to Zsa Zsa, and talk moved into casting over red wine and unending food.

And who did I volunteer immediately?

Diana Zubiri!” I told Mother Lily, barely able to control my DOM leanings.

“She’s with Seiko,” she said. “But possible.”

“Um, Aubrey Miles?” I ventured, crossing my fingers (and isn't this water shot great?).

Carl ribbed me later about how I tried to move my sexy girl agenda.

Sympre naman,” I responded, trying to imagine Rochelle Panganiban in a bustier.

Other names were bandied about, which I cannot mention being “part of the family” (ooookay), but a couple of them were very interesting.

Very very interesting.


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