Friday, July 18, 2003

number one

I tried my best to get some sleep last night but the humidity plus a dozen other things I was thinking about didn't help in any way. Instead, I tried to write and finally got to sleep just before 5AM - just in time to wake up for my early bird camp-out at the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI).

I surprised the guard who was just setting up the chairs when I got there.

"Wow, ang aga ninyo!(You're so early!)"

And the reward? I got priority number one, got my thing done with minor corrections, and stand poised to have my new company's first ever promo approved - barring an act of god or truly human idiocy.

fascinatingly horrible

That's how Nikki and I both felt about Jill Thompson's manga take on Death.

Really, it's like a road accident where you're told that a motorcyclist has been torn apart by a ten-wheeler up on the road ahead.

You know it's horrible, you know you don't want to see something so ugly, so tragic, so terrible, and yet...

You look. And then react.

"Oh my God!"

It was so bad we had to see how it ended, so in a way it worked because we both read the damn thing.

I won't even bother with anthing remotely resembling a critique. This book is punishment in itself.


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