Wednesday, July 16, 2003

a sea change

Five fathoms down and all aside, let’s talk about change.

To me, change is not about being able to adapt nor about being flexible. The moment you adapt (both in business and life), most likely you’re on the tail end of something. You spend too much time doing catch up (of course, it is a different case if you’re changing because you want to learn).

It’s all about initiating change, being the one who activates the new life scenario or the one who takes steps to do something different or the person who decides to think in another way.

It’s taking the proverbial bull by the horn and directing it somewhere (and at many points in life, the status quo of inertia is damning).

Become Change.

Don’t get me wrong. There is much to be said about adaptability.

But really, if you’re unhappy in your job, for example, you can a) do nothing; b) adapt to the unhappy situation (rationalize, sublimate, whatever); or c) leave and find another job. Or the best choice, given certain circumstances – d) put up your own show.

Change is about taking control of the situation and not vice-versa.

And you need to develop your power of discernment to identify times when you need to be the Changer and not the Changee. It is not always wise to act. But it is more foolish to be paralyzed by the Unknown.

Certain circumstances require you to change the way you think, act, love or do business right there and then.

After all, impossible circumstances require impossible decisions and may create impossible results.


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