Sunday, July 27, 2003


I am truly irked by this latest coup attempt.

It is obvious that in this country, due process and rule of law are irrelevant if you have guns, money, political power or the so-called support of the masses (purchased or otherwise).

Everyone has an agenda, yes. But must we take to streets each and every time? Or try to overthrow the government and at the same time risk not just the lives of people but also continue the economic death spiral of the country?

We all live together in this damn country and no one's agenda is more valid than the next. We need to see beyond our personal selfishness and think of the greater good.

Or perhaps we are not ready for a democracy (or what passes for our pathetic version of it). Perhaps we need something more similar to the old dictatorship or a Singapore-style government.

Enough of this charade. No one benefits from these short-term and short-lived attempts that give no thought to the general betterment of the country. By taking their grievance out in this manner, these rebels have managed to marginalize everyone else.

The damage to the entire economic ecosystem affects all of us.

I want stability in this country I love.


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