Friday, July 25, 2003

work stuff


I'm delighted with the challenge of our new sandwich account. We put together a plan that ought to make a difference. With the great design skills of Carl and Bok, I'm already guaranteed the aesthetic. What remains to be seen is if my fundamentals are sound.

feel good

Kestrel IMC's designs made it to the shortlist of the top 2 agencies considered for the crown jewel of the largest telco's suite of sites. It's a big thing for me because of the size of my operation and the quality of the competition. The former company I worked for is the other remaining agency, after the elimination of the other heavyweights, particularly the one that sounds like an equation.

It would be great if we are awarded the account, but really, just being up there is no small matter for us. We won one of the other sites earlier this year and have completed the information architecture, design and html phase.

For this new one, we have a "face-off" next week and frankly, I can't wait.

beyond khaki

Our materials for the one of our apparel clients have started coming in and on the whole they look good. We just need some color tweaks but we should be on schedule.

Sometimes, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the small details. I'm just glad that my partner and staff are more than capable.


If I sit back and think about it, my new company has managed to acquire the beginnings of a great portfolio.

In our business this is quite important because potential clients unfailingly ask to see what we've done for whom.

With the variety of work under our belts and the name clients we're slowly getting, I think we have a good shot of going the distance.

Of course there are certain things and circumstances beyond my control, but the strategy is to focus on what we know and do it right.


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